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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Labour Market Impact Assessment?
A Labour Market Impact Assessment is a type of labour certification test that must be issued positively in order for a Canadian employer to hire a foreign national.  This is a lengthly and arduous process.  LMIAs are assessed by Employment and Social Development Canada and must be applied for well in advance of any planned start date.  The fundamental component of the LMIA Application Process is the advertising and recruitment phase, which must meet ESDC’s Minimum Advertising Requirements.  This is at minimum 4 weeks in duration, and often extends many weeks or months longer, depending upon the nature and complexity of the position.  Add to this lengthy processing times, typically between 2-5 months, and the entire process of just obtaining employer-side authorization to hire foreign workers takes the better part of 6 months to complete.  With processing of work permits in addition to all of this, the hiring a foreign national through the LMIA process takes many employers 8 -12 months if there are no delays or additional requests.
How much does it cost?
Our placement fees start at $2,500 per candidate.  We offer discounts for multiple candidates. 
How do we engage with GlobalMobility?
We try our best to keep things as simple as possible.  We will begin with an initial conversation to discuss your hiring needs and vacancies.  During that conversation we will tell you what is possible and what we are looking at in terms of realistic timelines.  From there, we will send you a simple Placement Agreement that outlines our responsibilities and terms.  Upon engagement, we will then send you a formalized outline of the plan moving forward.
Who does the candidate officially work for?
All candidates placed through us become your employee of record.  We act as recruitment agents only, not a third-party employer.
What is the process of hiring a Candidate?
First, an order is placed with us for the number of desired candidates to be placed.  Job titles, job descriptions, compensation packages and other employment terms are finalized at this time.  We then actively source candidates in the international markets where we are present.  A shortlist of candidates is then prepared and presented to you, usually within 30 days.  Interviews are then facilitated, either by video conference, telephone or in-person.  Written offers of employment are then prepared and sent to candidates for their acceptance.  Upon their acceptance, we will then prepare and submit the official Offer of Employment to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) through your Employer Portal account.  For visa-required candidates, work permit applications are prepared and sent to an overseas IRCC visa office for processing.  Once work permits are approved, candidates travel to Canada and commence work.
Do I get to choose who I hire?
Yes.  Final hiring decisions ultimately rest with you the employer.
How long will they work for?
Placements range between 8 months and 2 years.  
How much will candidates get paid?
Crafting an attractive compensation package is critical to recruiting and retaining the best available talent.  The ultimate decision on compensation will be yours, but we are available to provide our input on what we think makes sense for each situation.
What if my new employee isn’t the right fit?
Ultimate hiring decisions remain with you, the employer.  While we also do our absolute best in screening and presenting great candidates to you, there are sometimes, although rare, instances when candidates don’t perfectly fit within a company’s culture.  If, within the first 15 days of a candidate commencing work, things are not working out as planned, we will discuss options available to replace them at no cost to you.
What if my employee quits early?
Although candidates placed through us arrive in Canada on employer-specific work permits, they are not obligated to continue working to the end of any fixed term.  This is simply Canadian employment law.  If things don’t work out as planned, and an employee quits early, we would be happy to discuss options available to find a replacement for you.
How soon can they start?
Processing times vary from country to country, but most of our candidates are here in 6-8 weeks.  For those qualified under the Global Skills Strategy, processing times are as quick as 2-3 weeks.
Do I need to provide housing?
You are not required to provide housing.  However, some employers are able to provide staff housing and use this as a means of bolstering the attractiveness of their job offer.  But ultimately, housing and related expenses are the sole responsibility of the candidate.
How do you differ from other recruitment agencies?
Firstly, we only use LMIA-exempt immigration programs to relocate candidates to Canada.  This means that we bypass the LMIA process and any ESDC involvement.  This results in less expense, less hassle and less government involvement.  Secondly, we recruit and place candidates on a fixed-fee basis, not a percentage basis.  Thirdly, we recruit in markets that are underrepresented by other agencies.  We believe that we present for selection, on average, higher quality candidates, with better language abilities and job readiness, than other foreign worker recruitment agencies.  We’ve been doing this for a long time and understand all aspects of the international recruitment cycle.
Are you licensed or bonded?
Yes, we are licensed and bonded.  We hold a valid Temporary Foreign Worker Recruiter license with the Province of British Columbia, with a security bond posted with the Minister of Labour.  We also hold a valid immigration services license with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, R508275.
What type of English language proficiency can I expect candidates to have?
All of our candidates have at least an intermediate level of English.
Is the company responsible for covering any costs associated with a candidate’s family or spouse?
No.  However, some employers, depending on position, will be happy to cover the cost of relocating a candidate’s spouse and/or family to Canada as part of the compensation package being offered.
Do I have to advertise? 
No. We provide candidates through International Mobility Programs, which allows us to bypass ESDC’s LMIA process, thus eliminating the need to conduct prescribed advertising.
How is this different than the LMIA process?
ESDC’s Federal Temporary Foreign Worker allows Canadian employers access to foreign workers in any occupation from any country in the world.  Getting access to the TFWP requires that employers go through the very tedious and unpredictable Labour Market Impact Assessment process that relies upon ESDC providing a Positive/Neutral/Negative assessment of the impact that offering a position to a foreign worker will have on the Canadian labour market.  This also requires Employers to create and submit Transition Plans and/or Labour Market Benefits Plans to ESDC, which are legally binding contracts between ESDC and Canadian Employers outlining on-going activities that the Canadian Employer commits to performing in order to reduce or eliminate the use of foreign workers in their business.

We bypass all of that and use LMIA-Exempt Streams only to access the world’s best talent.
How much does your service cost?  
There are no placement fees for candidates, so accepting a job through us doesn’t cost you anything.  You will be responsible for the cost of your travel to and from Canada as well as the costs associated with processing your immigration paperwork.
How much can I expect to make at my new job?
The terms of each placement varies, but most of our placements pay above the median wage rate.  You will know the rates and terms of your total compensation when a formal offer of employment is presented to you.
How long will I have to wait from getting an offer to arriving in Canada?
Processing times vary from country to country, but most of our candidates arrive in Canada within 6-8 weeks of having their work permit applications submitted to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.  For those qualified under the Global Skills Strategy, you can be in Canada working in as little as 2-3 weeks.
Can I bring my spouse, children, or other dependents to Canada?
Yes, all of the positions that we recruit for are eligible for Spouse Open Work Permits and Study Permits for dependent children.  We generally recommend that candidates first arrive in Canada, get settled into their new work place, find suitable accommodation and then file applications to bring for their incoming family members.  Ultimately, the cost of processing the immigration paperwork for all dependent family members will remain the responsibility of the candidate.
How soon can I start?
We will work to get you here as soon as possible.  Processing times at IRCC visa offices fluctuate during the year, but most candidates with established travel history and no admissibility issues are here in Canada working in 6-8 weeks.
What if I don’t like my placement?
If things aren’t working out for you in the way that was planned, we will work with you to find an alternative employer in Canada.  We do our best to find an ideal match from the beginning, but we do understand that sometimes things change over time.
How long will I work for?
The terms of your employment contract will be set out prior to you commencing work.  Our placement durations range from between 8 months - 2 years, with most being 2 years in length.
Where will I work?
We place candidates at work locations all throughout British Columbia and the Yukon.  Most are in urban areas, while others are in more rural or remote settings.  
Will someone be on the ground to help me when I arrive?
Yes.  We will be here to receive you when you arrive in Canada and will assist you in getting settled and acquainted.
Where will I live?
In all cases, your accommodation arrangements will be organized prior to your arrival in Canada.  Some employers are able to provide staff housing.  We will do our best to provide you with a range of available options at a level of expense that makes sense for your situation.
Should I get insurance?
While you are working in Canada, you will be covered under your employer’s WorkSafeBC coverage for all occupational-related health matters.  You will also be eligible for Medical Services Plan coverage once you arrive.  Some employers also provide additional benefits coverage such as dentistry, optometry and medication coverage.
How does the visa process work?
Upon acceptance of your offer of employment, your employer will submit the formal Offer of Employment to IRCC.  We will then begin processing your work permit application for submission online to IRCC.  In preparation, you will need to conduct your Medical Examination and obtain your Police Clearances, as well as submit your biometrics.  Your passport will then be requested and transmitted to the overseas visa office for visa issuance.  Once received back, you will travel to Canada and commence work.
What are biometrics?
Biometrics are collected by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada during the processing for any Canadian visa.  This includes having your photo taken and a set of 10 fingerprints digitally collected.  This only has to be done once every ten years for temporary residence applications (work, visit, study), and a new set will have to be given if you decide to apply for Permanent Residence in the future.
Will my employer support me in obtaining Permanent Residence?
This varies from employer to employer, but most of our employers are happy to provide nomination support to candidates after 12 months of successful employment with the company.  In Canada, there are a variety of different immigration programs available to transition to Permanent Residence status.  We are happy to assist you in this process and assess all viable options for your situation.