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Biometrics Slowly Re-Opening - Available Sites

Biometrics collection is slowly re-opening around the world. Submission of biometrics is required for applicants applying for work authorizations in Canada. They only need to be submitted once every 10 years.

Biometrics are collected at Visa Application Centres (VACs), Canadian Ports of Entry, selected Service Canada offices inside Canada and at Application Support Centers (ASCs) in the United States.

Applicants inside of Canada are currently exempted from needing to provide biometrics (as of a few days ago).Without biometrics on file, your work permit application can't be finalized at any overseas visa office. Therefore, if biometrics are closed, work permit application processing is essentially stalled.

We're glad to see progress being made around the world in re-opening collection sites as work permit processing is at the center of what we do in relocating foreign workers to Canada. So, rather than scrolling through all 411 available sites to see which ones are open, we've done the heavy-lifting and made an updated shortlist that's valid as of today, July 21, 2020.

Open Centres for ASCs
Open Centres for VACs

Things will change and this list will continue to grow.  We'll keep you updated on additions and any changes to biometrics processing policies as they happen.  Welcome to the GMR Blog and we're looking forward to connecting with you here for everything that's happening around the world, and the latest developments with us.


Where to give your biometrics
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