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From Us: What's On Our Mind in July 2020?

Life is great over here. We're adjusting to the new normal, but grateful that the thaw is beginning to happen here in Canada. We're trying to keep this blog as real and consistent as possible, so writing today about some of the issues that are top of mind for us here at GMR.

  • Despite everything that is happening with COVID, Canada's Labour Market is still imbalanced. While the number of unemployment is slowly increasing (at least on paper), labour shortages for many occupations remain persistent. The majority of the working population in Canada is geared for the knowledge economy and many people won't be re-training, no matter how bad the unemployment situation may appear to be. What does it mean? International recruitment will still be a necessity. All positions that we're recruiting for are still experiencing acute labour shortages.
  • Access to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program will be heavily restricted throughout COVID. However, the International Mobility Program will NOT be affected. All the hiring we do is through the International Mobility Program so you can talk to us about your hiring options outside of the TFWP and the traditional LMIA process.
  • The H1B closure in the USA will have a ripple effect for many years. Many US companies will relocate portions of their international workforce to Canada. GMR can help you set-up your intra-company transfers via LMIA exemption. A companies' ability to relocate staff quickly and easily will become a core function of corporate strategy moving forward.
  • Demand for lower-skilled work, such as Caregiving and Long Haul Truck Driving, will explode in the next 12-48 months and Canada needs to add more quota or programs.
  • Air travel is going to become very expensive.

Generally speaking, we're doing just fine over here. Waiting for biometrics and work permit processing to re-open globally. Opening slowly, but it's happening. We're excited and we look forward to meeting you over here.