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Why We Want International Travel History

Travel History is important because it evidences a candidate's ability and willingness to return to their home country at the end of the period authorized for their stay. Generally speaking, evidence of previous compliance, such as working in another country and making frequent trips home, is indicative of a candidate's future compliance.

Canada is picky about this and candidates that have no travel history must otherwise have significant ties to their home country, such as existing employment, spouses, children, and assets.

It's commonly asked, "Why does Canada want to see that I can go home if they make Permanent Resident options available to those with Canadian experience?" That's a great question. The ability and willingness to return to one's home country is a condition of temporary resident status in Canada, and this is mutually exclusive of one's intent to become a permanent resident. Therefore, a candidate must be able to demonstrate the ability and willingness to leave Canada if they are asked to do so, or are compelled to do so as a result of changes in circumstances, such as loss of employment or closure of a business. This is the definition of a "genuine temporary resident".